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Scientific trips and internships


University annually sends to the university-partners on scientific training undergraduates and doctoral students. In 2016,  595 masters and 23 doctoral students have passed scientific training at universities of Spain, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, USA, France, Lithuania, Latvia, China, South Korea, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovenia, India, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2016, to give lectures and master-classes attended by 71 leading scientists from near and far abroad, in particular from Spain, Poland, Germany, Austria, USA, France, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Australia, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
Among the students, 10 scholarship holders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, 9 of them students and 1 graduate student.
In 2016 winners of the international competitions and contests, which conducted in the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were 164 students.


In 2015, 130 university teachers and scientists have carried out a business trip to far abroad countries (France, UK, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Japan, China, Germany, Lithuania); 47 persons were sent to the neighboring countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).





The university currently has 147 active international agreements with foreign universities. In the framework of international projects, grants MES RK and Rector `Grants  projects, 204 teachers and staff of the University traveled to foreign countries, such as Austria, Spain, Germany, Portugal, England, America, France, Hungary, Cyprus, Turkey, Poland , Lithuania, China, etc., as well as in the CIS countries.


The number of trips made by teachers, including for participation in conferences in 2014: Institute of Philology (36 - in the CIS countries, 12 - in the near abroad), the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology (24 - in the CIS countries, 6 - in the near abroad) Institute of Art, culture and sports (15 - in the CIS countries, 15 - in the near abroad), Institute of mathematics, physics and Informatics (12 - in the CIS countries, 13 - in the near abroad), the Institute of geography and Natural Sciences (5 - in the future abroad, 11 - in the near abroad), Institute of multilingual education (4 - in the CIS countries, 2 - in the near abroad), Faculty of history and work with foreign students (5 - in the CIS countries, 4 - in the near abroad), Institute of Law and economy (3 - in the CIS countries, 7 - in the near abroad).


In 2014, 310 people from among the faculty of the University have been various forms of training, of which 158 persons were trained in the JSC National Training Center "Orleu" pedagogical specialties.

Students are trained in foreign universities. In 2014, 21 undergraduate internship abroad for at least 3 months. 424 undergraduates passed research internship at foreign universities and 26 research centers in 20 countries for a period not less than 10 days, 13 doctoral students trained in foreign universities 8 for at least 1 month (Poland, Turkey, Austria, Russia).

In addition, the program of double-diploma education, including scientific training, in 2014, trained 20 graduate students in universities of China (Wuhan, Hubei city), Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk), Lithuania.