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In the framework of scientific and methodical complex: school, college, university, teaching staff of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology on 10 March, 2016 was held on a training seminar for psychologists and teachers of colleges and schools of Almaty on the issue of countering suicide among youth on the theme: "Diagnosis and prevention presuicidal syndrome at colleges and schools ". 
The seminar was held on the basis of the Almaty City Humanitarian Pedagogical College №2.
During the seminar, participants were acquainted with the modern methods of diagnosis presuicidal syndrome, to identify the students with the risk of suicidal behavior and provide them with timely and effective assistance.
The seminar was conducted by leading scientists and practitioners of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in the field of psychology. The seminar content is presented the experience of professionals of the al - Farabi KazNU,  Academy of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on counteraction to suicide among young people learning.
Lectures  are held in the Kazakh and Russian languages.
Thus, competition candidate of psychological sciences, sssociate professor of Sarsenbayev L.O. presented students the material on the topic: "Methods of psychological and educational diagnosis of suicidal behavior learning of young people. Psycho-pedagogical support of students from  risk group ". 
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Abdullayeva G.O.  discussed with the students suicide risk factors. Types and motives of suicidal behavior. Diagnostic tools aimed at identifying predsuicidal syndrome ".
Competition candidate of psychological sciences, Associate Professor Bekmuratova G.T. presented to students the material on theme: "Psychological and pedagogical features of the work on the prevention of suicidal behavior of learners".
During seminar  works  were organized sessions,  in  which discussions were held on:
- Impact of occult youth organizations on the formation of suicidal behavior in adolescents;
- Identification of the border state of a teenager by their appearance;
- Age, gender and ethnic peculiarities of manifestation of suicidal intent.
Elements of the training have been shown to form students resistance to a variety of complex and non-standard situations.
Out of the feedback workshop, during which participants noted the relevance and timeliness of the seminar, gave a positive assessment of its work.

Chair of psychology and pedagogy

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