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Volunteer club «Meyrіm» holds a round table
«Eriktі zhastar: Ar-Uzhdan dausy»


The purpose of the round table is to discuss the deep meaning of the concept of «conscience», which sounds in the heart of each volunteer while serving selflessly to society.

1. To develop the ability to hear the «voice of conscience» based on universal human values.
2. To educate volunteers with responsibility, the desire to live honestly in the unity of thoughts, words and deeds.

Main topics for discussion:
1. The value needs for volunteer work based on the modernization of public consciousness.
2. The effectiveness of the practice of purification of the mind and the heart during organizing volunteer work.
3. The deepest essence of the moral ideals of volunteers in the development of the spiritual self-consciousness of humanity.

The organizers of the roundtable: the head of the club «Meyrіm» Gulbahir Shirinbayeva, volunteers and student youth of Abai KazNPU.

Date and time: December 5, 2018, at 14.00.

Venue: Almaty, Abai KazNPU, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, St. Tole bi, 31, room 15.

Tel.: 8-707-832-82-58; 8-705-277-48-48.


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