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Abay`s poetry in world languages

On April 28, 2021, a webinar «Abai`s International Poetry in world languages» organized by the teachers of Oriental Philology and Translation Chair , Philology and Multilingual Education Institute with the teachers of the Turkish language E. Z. Esbosynov, G. K. Satbay, Kospaganbetova N. K.

The webinar included an Olympiad on expressive reading of Abay`s poems among students of Abay University, Mugla Sytka Kochman University (Turkey), Azerbaijan Pedagogical University (Azerbaijan).

2nd-4th years students took part in the competition and read Abai`s poems in Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Turkish and Arabic. A special commission evaluated the students and determined their draft places. Students`expressive reading skills were evaluated according to special criteria.

An introductory speech of the international webinar opened by the Director of the of Philology and Multilingual Education Institute Tanzharykova A.V.

The participants of the Olympiad and the members of the jury were congratulated by Professor Ekrem Ayan of the Mugla Sytki Kochman University and Vice-Rector for International Affairs of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Doctor of Philology, Professor Makhirova Huseynova.

After careful listening to the jury, selection and analysis of the criteria for mutual evaluation of the expressive reading of Abai`s poems by the students of the Olympiad, students from Kazakhstan ImanbayevaAigerim, from Azerbaijan Mamadova Jamila earned the first place.

At the end of the webinar, the jury members thanked the participating students and the organizers of the webinar, noting that such competitions and Olympiads play an important role in popularizing the indelible legacy of such great people as Abai.

The results of the webinar were summed up by the head of the Department of Oriental Philology and Translation, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor of the University Abdrakhmanova K. Kh., who on behalf of the Institute and the department thanked students from far abroad and their teachers who prepared them for such a meeting and competition. She also noted the importance and significance of such meetings in promoting the life and work of great figures of the fraternal Turkic peoples.





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