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Decade «Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity»


Within the framework of spiritual revivalon February 5, the University starts the decade «Self-knowledge: pedagogy of love and creativity», timed to the birthday of the founder and president of the Bubek children`s fund, the author of the Self-Knowledge spiritual and moral education program, First Lady of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Sara Alpysna Nazarbayeva.

The goal of the decade is to reveal the meaning of the creative work of S.А. Nazarbayeva as a source of spiritual and moral values, based on the modernization of public consciousness.

1. To expand the idea of the deep essence of moral ideals in the spiritual development of youth in accordance with the concept of S.А. Nazarbayeva;
2. To educate volunteer students in responsibility, the desire to live according to conscience in the unity of thoughts, words and deeds.

Volunteer club «Meyrіm» of Abai KazNPU

Time: from February 5 to February 12, 2019

Venue: KazNPU, 13, Dostyk, room. 311.


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