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The activity of the department is aimed at professional training of reserve officers for the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Order of the Minister of defense of Kazakhstan No. 534 dated 19 October 2020, on amendments to the order of the Secretary of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 24, 2017 No. 375 "On approval of the Rules of military training under the program of reserve officers" and the planning of the educational process for 2020-2021 academic year, approved by the rector of the University

Military training of students is carried out according to the program of reserve officers in six military specialties:
1. «The organization of educational and ideological work in the Ground Forces»;
2 «Organization of ideological work»;
3. «The organization of psychological work»;
4. «Information and analytical activities»;

5. «Organization of legal work»;
6. «Combat use of combined arms units, units and formations».


Military training of students is organized and carried out by the «military day» method. Taking into account the specifics of training in a particular university, another form of organization of military training can be established.

The educational process is the main activity of the military department and includes planning, organizing and conducting all types of training sessions, monitoring, examinations and final examinations, and student learning.

The military department uses a point-rating system for evaluating students `academic achievements without implementing a loan technology. The provision on the point-rating system of students `academic achievements was developed by the military department and approved by the head of the military department.


Educational work with students in the military department is carried out in accordance with the curriculum and military regulations. It is aimed at solid assimilation by students of the theoretical provisions envisaged by the training programs, the development of their sustainable practical skills in the use of weapons and the operation of military equipment, and the management of units in accordance with the military specialty they receive.

The themes of the studies of the disciplines studied are planned and carried out according to the Model Student Training Programs and thematic plans.

In the course of conducting classes in general military disciplines, the teaching staff of the department focuses on the practical side of the disciplines taught.

The faculty of the department has an average teaching experience of more than 10 years. Methodical preparation of faculty at a sufficiently high level. The disciplines taught are conducted at a high professional level. In the course of conducting classes, the material part of weapons and equipment is widely used, which allows students to more fully assimilate the material being taught.

When drawing up plans for conducting classes, the teaching staff of the department calculates the time to work out each academic issue, taking into account the allotted time in terms of the lesson.

Interactive boards are installed at the military department, which allows faculty members to improve the quality of the material being taught, TSO data allow showing videos, presentations, and electronic lectures.

According to the material and technical base of the department there are:
- training weapons, ammunition (in accordance with the training program);
- armored vehicles (BMP - 4 units);
- training units and units (for technical training);
- multimedia equipment;
- target equipment for conducting practical training in fire training;
- Electrified layout of the terrain for conducting tactical training;
- in all classrooms of the department there are thematic stands reflecting the names of audiences.

The faculty of the department is fully aware of the procedure for working with technical means of training and enjoys in conducting classes. Trainees are actively involved in the discussion of issues of employment. When preparing for classes, they perform the tasks of the teaching staff (essays, information material on one of the training questions, presentations on the issues of seminars).

The beginning and end of the school year for military training is determined on the basis of the calendar curriculum of the university approved by the head of the university. Dates of training fees are determined by the Department of Personnel and Military Education of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan