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Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The North Kazakhstan State University named after Manash Kozybayev




Dear colleagues!


We invite you to participate in the international research-to-practice conference: «The Kozybayev readings-2013: «Kazakhstan and the world civilization processes», which to be held on October 15, 2013 at the North Kazakhstan University named after Manash Kozybayev.                                                                             


The Conference is planned in the following areas:


1.      National history in Eurasian.

  1. Human sciences.
  2. Natural sciences.
  3. Engineering sciences.
  4. Physical and Mathematical sciences.
  5. Economic science.
  6. Agricultural science.


The working languages of Conference: Kazakh, Russian, English.

There is need to present an application form, the text of report (formed according to attached requirements) and the arrangement fee (in an amount of 3000 tenge). A payment for the participants from CIS and the Russian Federation is 700 rubles at the rate of IMF at the time of payment. The reports should be present until October 21, 2013 in electronic form.

 There will be issued the collected papers by the materials of conference.

We ask to transfer the arrangement fee to the account of Bank CenterCredit №000609828, Petropavlovsk, sort code 193601735, code 16, and payment purpose code 859, TRN 481400026615 indicating in the payment receipt: «last name, name, middle name, The Kozybayev readings-2013».

There are travel expenses on the account of participants.

The materials shall be sent to:

150000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, 86 Pushkin str., NKSU,

Department of History and Humanitarian Studies


Telephone: +7 7152     36-42-59, 49-40-42 (extension number 11-36)

A text of report will be executed A4-sized, contain no more 5 pages, in Word, a font size of 12 (for list of literature of 10), interval of 1.0, a font of "Times New Roman", full justification, page fields of 25 mm indicating the UDC.

The collected papers shall be typed by direct coping. As a result we draw your attention that the articles should be thoroughly reviewed in compliance of above mentioned requirements. The authors should attach the reviews of Doctor (PhD) or Candidate of science if they have not degree.

The materials presented later of indicated period or not executed in compliance of requirements, are not considered and not return to the authors.






Organizing committee

An example of filling out the article or report


UDC 691.33




Abileva B.Т., Syzdykova D.S.

(NKSU named after M. Kozybayev)




The main text of article




  1. Baytenov М.S. In the world of rare plants. Alma-Ata: publisher. Kaynar, 1985.
  2. Vilkov V.S., Gaydin S.G., Gubin S.V., Zuban I.А., Krasnikov А.V. The monitoring results of anseriformes of the North Kazakhstan in the spring of 2011//Materials of international research-to- practice conference «The independent Kazakhstan and heritage of M. Kozybayev». - Petropavlovsk, 2011. - pages 54-59.
  3. Baekenova M.К. and others. Ecological problems of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan economy//
    the applied scientific research in the field of environment. - Almaty, 2006. - pages 59-67.
  4. «Environmental protection and sustainable development of Kazakhstan. Statistical book of the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana, 2009.
































Conference Application Form


Last name_______________________ First name­­­­­­­___________ Middle name______________

Organization, position___________________________________________________________

(Teacher. ..., student. ... .)

Degree, rank__________________________________________________________________

Address (full)_________________________________________________________________

Telephone (home, work)_________________________________________________________

E-mail of author_______________________________________________________________

Theme of report________________________________________________________________

Section (to put down a number and name)__________________________________________

Arrangement fee (payment receipt number, on arrival)_________________________

Is it necessary to reserve a room in hotel _________________________________

Date________________________________________ Signature________________________