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Grant competition «Zhas Project» for the selection of social projects and mentors are open

Youth Corps development project - is a joint project between the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the Ministry of Education and Science of RK. Coordinating Agency is responsible for project implementation.

Objective: Engage the youth into community life, develop life skills through community-based service learning.

Participants: young people aged between 14-29 years.

The Project comprises four components:
- grants up to 1 000 000 tenge and social stipends for youth groups aimed at implementing social projects;
- youth training on life skills development and project management;
- outreach to vulnerable young people;
- building effective awareness-raising campaign and feedback and resolution mechanism.

Project participants shall pass three stage training on life skills development and project management, during six months they shall implement their social projects, in addition, they will receive a monthly stipend of 60 000 tenge (graduates), 40 000 tenge (all the other participants). Moreover, during project implementation period all participants shall have mentors to support them.

Within the frameworks of Project implementation host organization selection process, mentors` selection process and grants delivery on a competitive base shall be organized.

We are waiting for your application on the site until April 15!!!

Do not miss your chance this year!!!

For more information on the project follow the link:
To apply, follow the link:

How to come up with the idea of a social project that you want to implement? You can ask for advice at the Commercialization Office Abai KazNPU:

Kazybek bi 30, building № 1, 218 room.


Tel: 291-64-58