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The main purpose of creating the Supervisory Board of Abai KazNPU is the coordination of the main development issues and life activities of the University within the framework of the Development Strategy until 2020.


The objectives  of the Supervisory Board of Abai KazNPU National Assembly of the RSE on the REM "Abai KazNPU":
- assistance in the formation of the Strategy and development plans of Abai KazNPU and their implementation until 2020;

- assistance to the functioning and integrated development of Abai KazNPU as a center for the training of scientific, scientific and pedagogical staff and specialists in the field of teacher education;

- control over the use of financial resources, financial reporting;
- analysis of the activities of Abai KazNPU from the point of view of the effectiveness of his policy in the sphere of education;
- assistance in the development of the international educational, scientific, cultural and international potential of the Abai KazNPU;
- assistance in attracting extrabudgetary funds and other financial resources for the implementation of development programs of Abai KazNPU.


The Supervisory Board of Abai KazNPU has the following powers:
1. gives an opinion to the Ministry on the draft plan for the development of the university, on making changes and additions to it;
2. coordinates the draft report on the implementation of the development plan, preliminarily approves the annual financial statements of the university;
3. decides on the distribution of sponsorship and charitable assistance and funds received from additional sources, including part of the net income remaining at the disposal of the university;
4. unobstructed acquaints with the documentation of the university and its structural subdivisions for monitoring the targeted use of budgetary funds and funds received from additional sources, and makes proposals to the Ministry for verification of the targeted use of these funds;
5. coordinates the proposals of the Ministry on the appointment of the university rector and the termination of the employment contract with him;
6. participates in the development of a collective agreement and makes decisions regarding the establishment of allowances to official salaries, bonus payments and the provision of material assistance from additional financial sources within the limits of funds approved by the development plan for employees, the university rector, pro-rectors, the chief accountant;
7. creates committees on the main areas of the university;
8. appoints, determines the term of office and salary of the secretary of the Supervisory Board, terminates his powers ahead of schedule;
9. submits proposals to the Ministry on introducing changes and amendments to the University Charter;
10. develops proposals on priority areas of the university;
11. submits proposals to the Ministry on the participation of the university in other legal entities;
12. makes proposals to the Ministry for the creation and closing of branches and representative offices of the university.