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Decade of Science-2022 at Abai KazNPU

The Decades of Science holds traditionally every year at Abai KazNPU. Many events are planned during the Decade of Science for 2022. 152 scientific events will be held from April 4th to April 14th: 74 events will be held in offline mode and 78 events in online mode.

The grand opening session of the Decade of Science took place on April 4 at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography, where the exhibition «Zhyl Kusi» is held as part of the international project «Bird of the Year». Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs - Deputy Chairman of the Board M.A.Bektemesov, Vice-Rector for Strategy, Digitalization and Internationalization A.T.Kulsariyeva, directors of institutes, scientists, young researchers, students of Abai KazNPU and schoolchildren of Almaty took part in the exhibition. Rector Darkhan Bilyalov made speech with good wishes. Director of the Department of Science Ulzharkyn Abdigapbarova shared plans for the Decade of Science. Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography Kulyash Kaymuldinova told about the life of the institute and scientific activity. The exhibition was attended by Deputy Director of the Institute of Zoology M.Chirikova, Head of the department of the Almaty Zoo A.Rakhimova.

Also on the opening day of the Decade of Science, 11 events were held on the ZOOM platform, the Student Science Week «Chemistry of life», the environmental exhibition «Nature is our common home», the intellectual competition «Genius Geneticist», the challenge «Amazing Mathematics», «Robotime stories» the quiz time for students and other many other interesting events from the world of science are being started in offline mode.







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