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Action Research as a form of research and improvement teacher`s professional practice

On April 12, 2022, within the framework of the «Decade of Science» at Abai KazNPU, a scientific and methodological seminar was held on the topic «Action Research as a form of research and improvement of the professional practice of a teacher». The purpose of the seminar is to strengthen the research activity of teachers based on the implementation of Action Research.

The vice-rector for research activity of Abai KazNPU E.A.Buribayev made a welcoming speech, who congratulated the participants of the seminar on the Day of Science and substantiated the importance of developing the research activity of university teachers to improve the quality of higher pedagogical education.

The moderators and key speakers of the seminar were professor-researcher of Abai KazNPU A.E. Berikkhanova and postdoctoral researcher B.O. Sapargaliyeva. Action Research, its main stages and the effectiveness of changing professional practice. Also, the main emphasis was placed on the creation of scientific communities at the university for research interests and the publication of scientific articles in journals of the Scopus database.

The feature of the seminar is that teachers, Action Research trainers from Nazarbayev Intellectual School, D.K. Baydildinova, A.E. Tokbaeva, B.Sh. Baibiisova, Sh. Sh. Abisheva, N.M. Dzhapashov who demonstrated the results of their research in action, talked about the remarkable possibilities of Action Research to change the professional practice of educators.

The high professional level of the seminar was confirmed by the activity and interest of the participants, their additional presentations and positive feedback.









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