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The prospects for scientific research until 2024 were discussed


Abay KazNPU has always been famous for its academic schools and research activities. Currently, we can be proud that our professors hold a worthy position in the field of science: the 12 ongoing projects of grant funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan in summer 2022 were joined by another 24 projects that won the competitions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan for 2022-2024.


Thus, the largest number of projects are in the field of education and science, which confirms the status of Abay KazNPU as a leading pedagogical university of the country. The project leaders are scientists U.Abdigapbarova, A.Berikhanova, A.Zhumabayeva, A.Maimataeva, A.Amirova, N.Shakirova, F.Orazbayeva, K.Yesenova. In the field of social sciences and humanities T.Dalayeva, D.Alaskarov, G.Askarova won the contest; in the field of natural sciences - Professor A.Berdyshev. In the field of rational use of natural resources, fauna and flora, and ecology - Prof. V.Kosov, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan; in the field of geology, extraction and processing of raw materials - Prof. A.Shokanov.


We are particularly pleased that a good activity showed young teachers of Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay, winning the special competitions for young scientists - N. Usenov, D. Sabirova, and competition "Zhas galym" - A. Berdalina, B. Bayzhigit, E.Zhanysbekova, M.Adilov, E.Ospanbekov, B. Atabekova, A.Syzdykbayeva, A.Ryshan.

September 13 this year held a meeting of Vice-Rector for Research Professor E.Buribayev and Director of the Department of Science Professor U.Abdigapbarova heads of projects. At the meeting discussed the planning and further implementation of projects; special attention was paid to the problems of achieving high results, their registration in the form of patents, copyright certificates, certificates of implementation, publications in peer-reviewed foreign publications included in the Scopus database; aspects of scientific internships at leading universities around the world were explained.


During the event, the leaders showed their readiness to successfully complete the tasks and noted the importance of such meetings, where close communication can clarify many nuances of project implementation. We wish the project leaders and research team members creative success and new scientific achievements and results!








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