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Successful defence of a dissertation in philosophy 


On September 29, 2022, the Dissertation Council for the defense of dissertations for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the direction 8D017 - Training of teachers in languages and literature (6D011700 - Kazakh language and literature) at the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University defended a dissertation on the specialty "6D011700 - Kazakh language and literature" Bekeyeva N.Zh. on the topic «Method for development of students professional communicative skills in learning Kazakh language». The dissertation was performed at the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature named after S. Kirabaev of Abai KazNPU. Scientific consultants: Professor Fauzia Orazbayeva (Abai KazNPU) and Professor Cetin Pekajar (Ankara Hoxha Bayram Veli University, Turkey).


The defense was successfully held at a high scientific, theoretical and organizational level in online and offline formats with an absolute quorum. Foreign member of the Dissertation Council, Professor Nezir Temur (Turkey) and scientific consultant Professor Cetin Pekajar took an active part in the discussion of the dissertation online. The defense was held in a constructive, businesslike and correct atmosphere. In accordance with the new regulations on the dissertation council, the entire defense procedure was carried out in electronic format: filling out a turnout sheet, voting.


According to the results of the voting, it was decided to award Bekeyeva N.Zh. the degree of Doctor of PhD in the profile "8D017 - Training of teachers in languages and literature (6D011700 - Kazakh language and literature)".




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