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Research professors at Abai KazNPU are certified

On February 8, 2023, a meeting of the commission on certification of research professors, adopted in February 2022, was held under the chairmanship of the Vice-rector for Research Activities E. Buribayev.

At the meeting, the scientific achievements of research professors Koigeldieva M.K., Berikkhanova A.E., Movkebayeva Z.A., Zhienbayeva N.B., Kokebayeva G.K. were reviewed and evaluated. The results confirm the correctness and importance of this pilot program, which is closely monitored by the Department of Science headed by Ph.D., Professor U. Abdigapbarova. It should be noted that the Doctor of Psychological Sciences N.B. Zhienbayeva in 2022 published 5 articles in the journals Scopus 1-2 quartiles. The heads of scientific projects are research professors Koigeldiev M.K., Berikkhanova A.E., Kokebaeva G.K. and Professor Movkebayeva Z.A. is the co-director of the scientific project of Abai KazNPU on program-targeted financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of inclusive education.

The participation of Professor Berikkhanova A.E. in international projects is impressive. So, she heads the project "The reform of teacher education in the post-Soviet space: a comparative analysis of 15 independent countries" (Routledge, Oxford University, UK) from the Kazakh side, and is also a participant in the project "Leading Schools for Educational Innovation and Change - Kazakhstan" together with the University of Luneburg, Germany; Erasmus+ KazDual project of the European Union "Introduction of the Dual System in Kazakhstan".

Research professors have conducted major historical studies. A prominent Kazakh historian, a full member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, M.K.

Koigeldiev, being a member of the State Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression in the 20-50s of the XX century, created an array of conclusions on archival documents, presented materials and was the responsible editor of a book published on the results of the work of the State Commission, as well as a monograph on the Alash case 1920-1930- x years. Doctor of Historical Sciences Kokebaeva G.K. introduced into scientific circulation new archival documents and sources on the history of migration processes in Kazakhstan of the 1st half of the twentieth century.

The Commission unanimously certified the research professors, noting their excellent performance in science, which greatly contribute to the promotion of the university in international and domestic university rankings, form the image of Abai KazNPU as a research university.

We wish further success and creative growth to research professors with hope for their new high scientific achievements!







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