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The research activities of the institute are carried out in close cooperation with education- methodical work, which allows for the training of personal in the widest range of specialties and areas.

Aims and objectives, all scientific activities of the institute for the 2018 - 2019 year aimed at the implementation of the «Strategic development plan of Abai KazNPU for 2018-2025 years».

In connection with the integration of domestic education in the world educational space and the processes of updating the content of secondary education-research activities of the professorial-teaching staff of the Institute is closely combined with the priority ways of spiritual revival and the formation of public consciousness of future specialists.

With connection this research work at the institute is carried out in the following key ways:
- The research work interests of teaching staff are related to such problems as the formation of national self-awareness of students, self-knowledge of the individual and professional self-knowledge of future specialists, the formation of the intellectual potential of future specialists in the conditions of the university based on the implementation of the national idea of «Mangilik el». In this direction of scientific researches of teaching staffis closely associated with the implementation of the ideas of the third modernization of Kazakhstan «Ruhani jangyru», «Mangilik el», in connection with what is defined and specified scientific approaches to the development of the idea of formation of national consciousness of future specialists, its substantive aspects and methodical support; updated and enriched the content of professional training of specialists practice-oriented with discipline «Mangilik El»: designing of conceptual bases of realization of the national idea «Mangilik El» in the universities of Kazakhstan, development of conceptual bases of system modernization of higher pedagogical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Scientific-methodical and methodological bases of updating the content of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
- «Psychology-pedagogical basis of training of teachers in accordance with the update of the content of secondary education of Kazakhstan»; substantiate that nowadays the school introduced new curricula in the disciplines of primary education, introduced new approaches and strategies of training, implemented criterial assessment and focus of the update of education on the development of the child`s personality, his functional literacy.This entails a change and revision of the basic training of primary school teachers. Teaching staff conduct research on updating the content of basic and elective courses, realize new strategies and approaches to primary education through classes.
- «Family upbringing and education as the most important basis for the modernization of the national education system». In this area, research is being conducted to improve the quality of higher education in the field of preschool and social pedagogy, the formation of the personality of the future specialist in the spirit of tolerance, social responsibility and civic engagement. Formation of adaptive behavior of students in their interaction with the microsocium, adequately replies to the needs and opportunities of development, socialization of students; development of innovation and new educational technologies through productive ideas of the subjects of educational space; development and deepening of relations with organizations-potential employers and training of specialists according to the needs of the labor market; development of corporate culture, the value-motivational center of which is the desire for professional and personal development in a competitive environment;
- «Psychological-pedagogical training of future specialists in the conditions of updating the content of education»; Management in education, quality assessment at different levels of education. In this direction, educational programs are developed in promising areas of management in education, pedagogical dimension.
- «Scientific-methodological support of systems of special education and higher defectological education», researches, done by the faculty are determined by the social order for scientific-theoretical and methodological support of the learning process for children with disabilities. These directions are also determined by the needs of development and management of the social sphere of the system of special education.
- Study of the personality of modern schoolchildren and students, psychological support of juvenile inmates of penitentiary institutions, the study of motivational direction in the norm and in mental pathology, prevention of professional burnout in health workers in health facilities, psychological technologies, adaptation of psycho diagnostic techniques in the education system for the Kazakh-speaking areas.

Publications of the teaching staffInstitute
Teachers of the Department publish their works in domestic scientific journals (including journals recommended by the CCES MES), in the proceedings of conferences in Kazakhstan and abroad.

In 2017-18, the PPS of the Department according to the results of researching-methodological work was published:
- scientific articles published in the near/ far abroad-183 titles;
- scientific articles, abstracts of scientific conferences published in other journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan-167 titles;
- magazines recommended by CCES MES -143 titles;
- articles published in journals with impact - factor-32 titles;
- monographs-9 titles.


Scientific works published by the staff of the Department for 2017-2018

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Information on scientific events held in the 2017-2018 academic year, the 2018-2019 academic year.