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Additional educational grants

Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University from August 5 to 10, 2019 accepts documents for additional educational grants for the following educational programs:



Educational programs

Profile items

Number of state grants


Pedagogy and methods of primary education

1. Biology



Math teacher training

2. Geography



Teaching Russian language and literature teachers

1. Mathematics



Note: additional educational grants are intended only for 2019 graduates who come from large families and families receiving TSA (targeted social assistance).

To participate in the competition for these educational programs, you must send a copy and original of the following documents to the selection committee of the university:
- statement;
- The original education certificate;
- UNT certificate and points in pedagogical sciences must be at least 60 points;
- medical certificate in the form of 086-U;
- profile subjects in the certificate should match;
- copy of identity card;
- a document confirming the status of a large family (4 or more minor children);
- a certificate confirming the allocation of TSA to the family of recipients.

Contact phone numbers of the university Admissions Office:
8 (727) 2-91-87-80; 2-91-73-71; 2-91-57-68.