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Dear Colleagues!


These two surveys are conducted as part of a study by the MBA Management in Education project team.


The purpose of the study: to develop a KMS model and offer mechanisms for its practical implementation on the basis of the analysis of the current state and the specifics of the university`s activities.


It is assumed that the creation of an effective mechanism for managing intellectual capital and innovative processes, the introduction of a model of a knowledge management system (KMS) focused on innovative development, will contribute to the intellectual and financial growth and development of the university`s corporate culture.


Your participation in questionnaires is important to us. We ask for objective information and an independent answer to the questions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Contact phone: Ibzharova SholhanAydaralievna -87053058663,, Zhundybaeva Turarkhan -- 87079040795

1. Expert survey on KMS (knowledge management system).

2. An expert survey on the role of the KMS (knowledge management system) in the development of corporate culture.



Chair of psychology and pedagogy