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Вachelor degree


    Admission rules


    Documents are accepted from June 1 to August 20.

    - For graduates of schools for admission, a UNT certificate is required;

    - For graduates of colleges you need a certificate of integrated testing (CTE);

    - The documents for the state educational grant are accepted from July 23 to July 31.


    Documents required for admission:

    - Application;

    - Copy of identity card;

    - Certificate of secondary education / diploma of secondary special or higher education with attachment (original) **;

    - Copy of Form 063 (vaccination card);

    - Medical certificate form 086-U (a photograph of fluorography);

    - Photography 3x4 - 6 pieces;

    - Certificate on the results of the transfer of UNT / CT;

    - A copy of registration of the registration certificate for young men;

    - Receipt for payment of state. fees for CT on the requisites;

    - Documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Kazakh or Russian languages, notarized.

    - Documents of foreign citizens must be nostrified in the National Accreditation Center (must be certified).



    Step 1. Submission of application documents by July 7

    Step 2. Obtaining a QD pass. Creative examination (for graduates of this year`s school is not necessary)

    Stage 3. Participation in CT

    Stage 4. CT results + results of the creative exam


    Important Dates:

    Acceptance of applications for creative specialties from June 1 to July 7.

    Special creative examinations are held from 8 to 13 July.



    The maximum score for one creative exam is 40. The number of special (creative) exams is two. For citizens entering the creative specialties, points in two subjects of UNT (or complex testing) are taken into account: literacy of reading (Kazakh or Russian), History of Kazakhstan and two creative exams.


    A simplified formula for calculating points taking into account creative examinations:

    Literacy reading (20) + History of Kazakhstan (20) + 1st Grade Test (40) + 2nd Grade Test (40) = 120 (maximum score).



    Applicants who have received less than 15 points on a special (creative) exam or who have not appeared on them, are not admitted to comprehensive testing for admission to this specialty.

    Retake of a special (creative) exam is not allowed.



    Step 1. Identify the specialty.

    Choose 4 specialties that you will enter in the application. Pay special attention to coincidence with your subject of choice.

    Step 2. Identify with the university.

    If you have decided on 4 specialties, then it is necessary to understand which universities have these specialties.

    Step 3. Filling out an application


    It will be possible to apply for a grant in four different specialties of four different universities or of one.


    IMPORTANT! Carefully fill in the specialty codes, university code.

    The choice of a university does not depend on the probability of receiving a grant in any way - they only look at your UNT results, the presence of a red certificate / "Altyn Belgi", as well as participation in international olympiads.