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Learning to study in a new way


In connection with the rapid transition to the electronic format of education, our university was able to create a functioning virtual educational environment in the shortest possible time and develop a general strategy for involving teachers in the creation, accumulation and effective use of distance educational resources. The leadership of Abai KazNPU organized an online summer school «Digital Teacher-2020», within which teachers mastered various innovative learning platforms (DownSub, Advego, Dandelion, Alot, CoreApp, Zoom, GoogleMeet, OBS-Studio, Edpazzle, QuizLET, Quizizz, Kahoot, Socrative). The distance learning format is particularly relevant when working with students from other countries. Teachers of the Department of Philological Specialties for Foreign Citizens of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens and Pre-University Training have done significant work on the preparation of distance courses. A foreign student was provided with all educational materials (lecture notes, presentations), assignments (tests, written assignments, collective discussions) through the electronic learning system and the possibility of distance learning was implemented. Practice has shown that multimedia support in the classroom of Russian as a foreign language allows you to use all types of visualization within one program, is able to synthesize texts, soundtrack and video. Students from China, South Korea, Madagascar, the Philippines, Venezuela, Turkmenistan are actively involved in the online learning process and successfully master new platforms and technologies. Using a computer allows you to effectively solve a number of didactic tasks: to intensify the educational process, optimize it, activate the cognitive activity of students, arouse interest in educational work, increase their level of knowledge, and achieve tangible results in the work on improving speech skills and abilities.







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