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Round table «Tugiri byik Tauelsizdik!»


On December 10, 2021, a round table in an online format dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Tugiri byik Tauelsizdik!» was held among students of the Department of Pre-university training of the Faculty for foreign citizens and Pre-university training.

At the first stage of the meeting, teacher, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, Abisheva Rysken Rakhimovna noted, that the language is the pillar of our independence, she answered the questions of the audience in detail with deep excitement, focusing on the problems of development of the state language and ways to solve them.

At the second stage of the event, the results of the competition were summed up, consisting of two rounds, in which 17 listeners took part.

As a result of the contest of creative essays, Umirtai Aruzhan was awarded a diploma of the I degree, Kali Nazerke was awarded a diploma of the II degree, and a diploma of the III degree - Chakarzhan Ainur.

In the 2nd round, Azat Arna was awarded a diploma of the I degree for artistic design of poetic lines, Fatima Orynbasar was awarded a diploma of the II degree for the ability to express her thoughts deeply, and Adi Ramadan was awarded a diploma of the III degree for singing in an unusual style with high pathos. Also, letters of thanks for active participation in the event were awarded to Adal Tannur, Saparaly Kuralai, Turdybai Buldirshin and Amangeldy Aizat.

The guest of the event thanked the organizers, noting that independence is priceless wealth of our country and has educational significance for the younger generation.





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