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Results of the Comprehensive Russian Language Exam for Foreign Citizens


In 2021/2022 academic year in the language groups of foreign students (YAGIS) of Russian language in the Department of Philological specialties for foreign nationals were trained citizens of China, Syria and Egypt.


Comprehensive examination in Russian language for foreign students in YAGIS groups consisted of three subjects: «Russian Language», «Literary Reading», «Kazakhstan studies». According to the results of the exam, the state examination board consisting of Begaliyeva Saule, Mamytbekova Lyaily and Shmakova Elena concluded that the trainees have grammar knowledge, speech skills and abilities necessary to achieve communicative purposes in speech situations concerning everyday and professional life when communicating with native speakers.


Foreigners are able to write, read, understand and retrieve basic and additional information from texts with social, country-specific and informative content.


On June 10, 2022, a ceremony was held to award certificates to foreign students who had successfully passed the final comprehensive exam.







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