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Educational programs of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology are accredited by IQAA


In the period from November 4 to November 5, 2019 educational programs «6D010100 - Preschool education and training»; «6D010200 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education»; «6D010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology»; «6D010500 - Defectology»; «5В050300 - Psychology» and «6М050300 - Psychology» of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology undergo specialized accreditation at the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA). A group of seven people came to the University.

The event provides for working meetings with the leadership of the university, the director of the institute and the heads of departments, faculty and students, as well as with representatives of employers and graduates of educational programs.