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Dear users! - it is an electronic library system (EBS) in which collections of electronic versions of books, magazines, articles and other documents are formed, grouped by thematic and target features.


Currently EBC it is an information portal and includes more than 50,000 documents in various areas: textbooks, manuals, monographs, articles, dissertations and abstracts, collections of scientific works, encyclopedias, reference books, legislative and regulatory documents, scientific periodicals, available in a single virtual space. Much attention is paid to the areas of Pedagogy and Psychology.


Discovery module Znanium is a search and analysis system that significantly expands the capabilities of the platform Znanium, providing semantic full-text search for numerous documents placed in repositories and EBS universities, a large array of periodicals, foreign resources Open Access. The module also has a large set of analytical services: search for incorrect borrowings, automatic formation of a cloud of keywords, etc.


EBC opportunities for users with disabilities: in EBC an adaptive version of the site for the visually impaired is available.




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