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Doctoral students of the Institute of History and Law had an internship abroad


The doctoral students of the 2nd course of subdepartment of political science and social-philosophical disciplines of speciality "8D03102-Cultural studies" Abdurazakova Gaukhar, Matkerim Dana and doctoral student of the 2nd course speciality "8D03101-Sociology" Tastanova Asem in the period from May 20 to June 20, 2022 passed scientific training in Turkey, at Ankara University, Theology Department, Department of Sociology of religion under the direction of Prof. Ali Rafet Özkan. Dr. Ali Rafet ÖZKAN).


During their research work they exchanged ideas and received information about doctoral theses, got acquainted with the faculty, particularly with the Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Prof. Dr. Şamil DAĞCI and Head of the Department of Sociology of Religion, Prof. Dr. Niyazi AKYÜZ.


During their fellowship, doctoral students visited Hacettepe University in Ankara, the Faculty of Literature and the Department of Public Education and met with Prof. Dr. Özkul COBANOGLU, a well-known anthropologist and exchanged ideas and experiences on their research work.


The I International Turkic Congress was organised by Çankır Karatekin University, TÜRKSOY and the Institute of Turkic Studies from 8 to 10 June this year. Scientists from Korea, Albania, Cyprus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia/Khakasia, Turkey and Kazakhstan participated in the event, which lasted for 3 days. Our doctoral students spoke in the "Bilge Kagan" section. Foreign colleagues showed great interest in their research and discussions on the topics presented. They discussed integration of Turkic states and further development of cultural relations. The event concluded with a visit to local cultural and historical museums.


The doctoral students were also introduced to the Ankara National Library and the library collection of Ankara University. Research articles were written under the supervision of PhD Prof. Dr. Ali Rafet ÖZKAN. The scientific internship were successful.





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