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Online professional development course «Fundamentals of Functional Scientific Literacy»

From June 8 to June 23, 2022 the Centre for Teaching Excellence and scientific-methodical journal «Pedagogy and Psychology» of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University named organized an 80-hour online training course for participants in the international scientific and educational project «Bilim zhane Bolashak» and teachers of universities in Kazakhstan on the theme: «The basics of functional scientific literacy. The lecturer is Saule Temirbayevna Isalieva, executive secretary of the journal.


The course programme was developed as part of Isalieva`s dissertation research and includes theoretical and practical issues of functional scientific literacy, ergonomics of scientific text, work with scientific information sources.

The trainees of the course performed tasks of different levels of complexity, one of which was the preparation of an article for publication in the Proceedings of the Republican Conference, moderated by S.T. Isalieva. The best papers corresponding to the competencies acquired during the course are published in the collection, which demonstrates both the relevance and practicality of the online course «Fundamentals of Functional Scientific Literacy».








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