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 Baydildina Adilya Manatovna
Director of the Department
Doctor of economic sciences, professor
Dostyk ave., 13


Department of engineering educational programs established as a project office for the transformation of the activities of educational-methodical Department, EMA REMS, educational-methodical Council (EMC), methodical bureaus, and commissions of the institutions in the organization and control of educational work in all areas of training of future specialists in Abai KazNPU in accordance with the update of the regulatory framework of higher and postgraduate education.

The Department of design of educational programs provides coordination and interrelation of structural divisions of the University on educational and methodical activity of the University within the framework of academic freedom.


The main activity of the Department is aimed at coordinating: the development of new, innovative and updated educational programs for training personnel; the activities of EMA REMS in the pedagogical direction in the format of project management groups (PMG); monitoring the introduction of modern pedagogical technologies and new teaching methods, means of activating the cognitive activity of students; development, examination and publication of educational literature; structural monitoring of the educational process with the necessary materials.

Objectives of the Department of engineering educational programs

1. Organization and coordination of the Academic Council of Abai KazNPU and the Academic Committees of the institutes, as follows:

- Development of new and constant updating of existing educational programs, working curricula, recommendations for improving the content of higher and postgraduate education;

- Organization and coordination of development of double-diploma and joint educational programs;

-preparation and organization of the introduction, examination of educational programs of the university in the Register of EHEA CBPAM;

- Development of standards for teaching load of the teaching staff, all internal normative documents (regulations, instructions, etc.) for the organization and implementation of educational and methodical work of the university;

- Development and implementation of postgraduate pedagogical retraining (PGCE);

- Preparation of university documentation for institutional and international accreditations;

- Preparation of recommendations for improving the state compulsory standards of higher and postgraduate education, the classifier of areas of training with higher and postgraduate education.

2.Coordination of the teaching and learning activities of the institutes:

-development of formats, content and instructions for compilation and provision of teaching-methodical complexes of disciplines (TMCD);

- Analysis and examination of teaching-methodical documentation (EP, WEC, TMCD) for all levels of higher and postgraduate education;

- approval and uploading of EC, WEC, TMCD to the Information System

development of methods and criteria for assessing the learning outcomes of students;

- Organization, coordination and implementation of distance learning at the university;

- Consulting support for institutes on the content of modules and curricula for disciplines;

- Analysis of introduction of modern pedagogical technologies and new methods of teaching, means of activization of cognitive activity of students at the university;

- Development and publication of educational and methodical literature, review of manuscripts of textbooks and teaching aids;

- Acquisition of educational and methodical literature and book supply monitoring;

- Organization of work on the introduction in the educational process of innovative and interactive teaching methods in the educational units of the University;

- Verification of the correctness of the schedule of classes;

- Coordination of the implementation in the educational process of the results of scientific advances in the scientific projects carried out at the University;

- Organization and monitoring of the development of methodological recommendations, production of teaching and methodological literature of the teaching staff (textbooks, teaching aids, teaching aids), etc.

3. Activities of REMC EMA on pedagogical direction:

- Organization and conduction of REMC EMA meetings;

- Organization of PMU REMC EMA activities in supervised areas of higher, postgraduate and additional education

- Organization and facilitation of conferences, seminars and meetings on problems of higher education;

- Interaction with National Testing Centre;

- Methodological consulting of higher education institutions of RK on issues of educational process organization;

- Interaction with DHPE, Altynsarin NAE to improve educational programs in pedagogical direction;

- To carry out expertise, review of textbooks, teaching aids, test tasks, educational publications of different levels on curated directions of personnel training with higher, postgraduate and additional education.

4. Organization and coordination of the activities of the Center for Continuing Education:

- Conducting summer and winter schools for teaching staff;

- Organization of professional and pedagogical mastery trainings for the teaching staff of Abai KazNPU.

- Development of new educational programs of teaching excellence;

- Coordination of the development and placement on the MOOC platforms.

- Development and implementation of postgraduate pedagogical retraining (PGCE);

5. Preparation of reports to the MSHE RK and other authorities on issues relating to the methodological work of the university.

6. Interaction of higher and postgraduate education organizations, employers, accreditation agencies and other organizations to ensure the quality of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education.