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 Moshkalov Altynbek Koshkarbaiuly
Head of the testing center
PhD, associate professor
Dostyk ave.,13
 8(727) 291-57-50


The Testing Center implements processes related to the preparation of test tasks and the organization of student learning control.

The main tasks of the Testing Center are:

- provision and solution of problems related to the development of test tasks;

- organization of testing and organization;

- development of various types of computer testing;

- providing a database of test items for different subjects and university courses;

- cooperation with departments and other structural subdivisions of the University, other universities, research institutes in the field of development and creation of test tasks;

- maintaining documentation on the credit system of education.

The main functions of the Testing Center are:

- Defining the list of subjects for the examination session;

- planning of exams in conjunction with the Department of Academic Affairs;

- formation of a database of test tasks;

- organization and holding of examinations;

- organizing and conducting tests in various areas of the Olympiad (among students and schoolchildren);

- the organization and carrying out of the distance control of distance learning.