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 Stambekova Assel Serkebayevna
Head of the department for the development of educational programs

Tole bi str., 31


The purpose of the department is the development, registration of current EP and professional development programs in the areas of personnel training.


Department tasks:

- development of flexible and variable EP for bachelor`s, master`s, doctoral studies with a high degree of continuity;

- development of double-diploma joint EP;

- development of EP for retraining and professional development programs;

- examination of the EP;

- inclusion in the «USMHE» (unified system of management of higher education) register;

- comparative analysis of EP with foreign programs.


Key competencies:

- the ability to assemble a team of specialists (attract from the outside + use the available human resources);

- establish communication with foreign partners (universities, research institutes);

- the ability to develop ЕP that anticipate market demands;

- increasing the attractiveness of our EP for foreign students.


The result: Educational program highly appreciated by experts, corresponding to modern market demands. Registration of current ЕP.