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General characteristics of the coronavirus


Novel coronavirus infection is a disease that affects the human respiratory system.


If you suspect a coronavirus infection:

1. Stay at home. If you feel worse, call a doctor, inform him about your places of stay in the last 2 weeks, possible contacts. Strictly follow your doctor`s recommendations.

2. Minimize contact with healthy people, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases. It is better for one person to care for the sick.

3. Cover your mouth with disposable tissue or tissue when coughing or sneezing. If they are absent, sneeze in the elbow.

4. Use personal hygiene items and disposable dishes.

5. Provide damp cleaning with disinfectants and frequent ventilation.


Prevention of coronavirus


Refrain from visiting public places: shopping centers, sports and entertainment events, transport during rush hour.


Use a disposable medical mask (respirator) in public places, changing it every 2-3 hours.


Avoid close contact and stay in the same room with people who have visible signs of ARVI (coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge).


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after returning from the street, contact with strangers.


Disinfect gadgets, office equipment, and surfaces you touch.


Limit close hugs and handshakes when greeting when possible.


Use only personal hygiene items (towel, toothbrush).


Algorithm of actions when detecting signs of Coronavirus infection in an educational organization


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