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TOEFL exam at Abai KazNPU

TOEFL Testing Center at "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University" invites you to pass the TOEFL ITP exam within the walls of our university. Abai KazNPU is an officially accredited representative of ETS Global CT TOEFL

The cost of the test is 40,000 tenge + certificate (5.000 tenge if you have a passing score)
For students and academic staff of Abai KazNPU is 35.000 tenge + certificate (5.000 tenge, if you have a passing score)


International TOEFL ITP exam

TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) is an international test in English for applicants (over 14 years old), Master`s Degree Students, doctoral students, secondary school teachers, university teachers, employees in all spheres and industries. It is mainly used for admission to some foreign universities, educational programs, etc., as well as to assess the achievements, student progress.

Education in most universities is conducted in English, and therefore one of the requirements for applicants who are not native speakers is the confirmation of language competence. To do this, many students need to pass international exams, including TOEFL ITP.

Exam Structure

The test consists of 3 parts:

1) Listening Comprehension - Measures the ability to understand spoken English used in colleges and universities. (35 minutes)
2) Structure and Written Expression - measures the ability to recognize structural and grammatical constructs in standard written English. (25 minutes)
3) Reading Comprehension - evaluates the ability to understand authentic academic materials. (50 minutes)

Why pass the TOEFL ITP exam?

For admission to intensive English programs at colleges or universities at various levels.
To measure progress in learning English programs, especially academic English.
As a final exam in English language programs, especially academic English.
For admission to short-term training programs and internships in English-speaking countries, in educational institutions that use these tests.
For admission to university programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs outside of English-speaking countries.
For admission to international exchange and cooperation programs in which English is used.
For admission to scholarship programs, as proof of proficiency in academic English

Where are TOEFL ITP certificates accepted?

More than 2,500 educational institutions in 50+ countries use TOEFL ITP tests, including:
- Colleges and universities
- High schools
- English language schools and programs
- Government agencies
- Agencies