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On May 28, 2020, an international on-line seminar «The wisdom of the thinker Abai in the study of the «Complete man»» will be held. The online meeting dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great poet and educator will be attended by domestic and foreign scientists and employees of research institutions.

The topics of the event will be «Study of the wisdom of Hakim Abai», «Abai`s study of the «Complete man», «Abai`s wisdom and national spiritual values».


At the meeting the President of the Union of scientists of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State prize of RK, doctor of Economics, Professor, academician of NAS of RK, head of the Centre for globalization and economic policy, Institute of Economy Orazaly Sabden.; President of «The Future of Eurasia» Zifa Auezova, Professors of Mugla Sytki Kocman University, (Turkey) Ali Abbas Chynar, Ekrem Ayan, Professor of the University «Firat» Yerzhan Alkaya, head of the laboratory of new multilingual education of the state language of the Kyrgyz Academy of education, Professor Sulayman Kazybayevich Rysbayev, Professor of the Karakalpak research Institute of Humanities of Karakalpak University, head of Department «Karakalpak literature» Ziyada Utepbergenovna Bekbergenova, Director of SRC « Hakim Abai» of Abai Kazakh national pedagogical University, Professor Zhabal Shoiynbet and other researchers will express opinions, share thoughts on the topic.

Organizers: Department of Educational, social work and youth policy, Department of Kazakh Language and Literature named after Academician S. Kirabayev 






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