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 Lambekova Torgyn Ersaynovna
Chief Accountant-Head of the Accounting and Reporting Department

Dostyk ave., 13

 Askarova Guljamal Umirzakovna
Deputy Chief Accountant - Head of Accounting Department

Dostyk ave., 13


The Accounting and Reporting Department (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Accounting and Reporting) is a structural subdivision of the Company and reports directly to the Vice-Rector for Administrative and Financial Activities of the Company.


The Accounting and Reporting Department includes the Settlement Department and the Material Base Department.


Main tasks and functions of the Department:

1) ensuring accounting of financial and economic activities of the Company;

2) control over the presence and movement of property;

3) control over the use of material, labor and financial resources;

4) ensuring timely settlements with creditors, debtors, budgetary and non-budgetary funds;

5) other tasks arising from the need to maintain continuous, transparent accounting;

6) compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest resolution policy, internal regulations and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of anti-corruption.


Control Functions:

1) accounting and reporting, obligations and business transactions;

2) development of forms of primary accounting documentation based on standards;

3) formation of complete and reliable information about business processes and financial results of the Company`s activities;

4) control over the presence and movement of property, the use of material, labor, financial resources in accordance with approved norms, regulations;

5) payroll for employees, deduction of CPC and income tax, medical insurance with their respective transfer;

6) calculation and transfer of taxes to the republican and local budgets and preparation of a tax return;

7) accrual of income for education and maintenance of personal accounts of students studying on a paid basis;

8) control of external liabilities and financing;

9) analytical and synthetic accounting of financial and economic activities of the Company;

10) accounting for fixed assets, working capital and cash assets of the Company, execution of expenses;

11) control over the timely inventory of funds, inventory items;

12) ensuring documentary reflection on the accounting accounts of operations related to the movement of funds;

13) preparation of the Company`s financial report in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

14) conducting an audit in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan on auditing financial statements under IFRS;

15) financial report of the Company from the sole shareholder;

16) ensuring the procedure for distributing the Company`s net income for the past financial year;

17) representation of the interests of the Company in the relevant bodies when considering issues related to accounting, reporting and financial control;

18) support for the policy of informing the Company`s management about potential or past violations of the anti-corruption policy, the conflict of interest resolution policy, corruption risks or incidents and the requirements of other internal regulatory documents of the Company on combating corruption.


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