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Gabdullina Assem Mustafaevna
Head of HR Policy Department

13 Dostyk Ave.


The main goals and objectives of the Personnel Policy Department of NJSC «Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University»

1. The main objectives of the Department is to ensure effective human resource management, maintaining an optimal number and quality of employees, the use of modern technologies, exchange of experience, as well as the continuous improvement of the educational and training processes.

2. Objectives of the Department:

1) Provision of experienced highly qualified and motivated employees to achieve the overall strategic goal;

2) Recruitment and placement of staff;

3) Maintenance of personnel records;

4) study and assessment of employees` business qualities, study of employees` compliance with their positions;

5) organization and conduct of training and professional development of staff, attestation of employees

6) effective use of professional skills and potential of each employee;

7) creation of an effective system of motivation for the work of pedagogical staff;

8) increase of executive discipline, responsibility of employees for performance of their job duties, strengthening of labour discipline;

9) Creation of conditions in the Company for the employees to be fully satisfied with their working conditions;

10) creating a corporate business culture that contributes to the creation and preservation of a favorable microclimate in the team.