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Beisembayeva Aiman Muratovna
Coordinator of the sector «Uly dala tulgalary»

13, Dostyk ave


The introduction into the consciousness and heart of the young generation of the spiritual heritage of figures, figures of the national intelligentsia, prominent personalities who left an indelible mark on the history and fate of the Great Steppe. Wide propaganda of heroic acts, life and socio-political activities, lifestyle, lifestyle, feat of our past ancestors, "white spears and the power of a white ancestor" for the studying youth of our university.

The goal of the center "Uly dala tulgalary" is to educate students on the example of advanced, patriotic and wise personalities of the Kazakh people, the formation of their personality. For each people, the example of their talented, wise and patriotic children is important. The nationality of the people is formed thanks to statehood, culture and art, education, science and politics, the activities of such progressive-thinking leaders. Therefore, the life and activities of outstanding personalities of Kazakhstan have not only cognitive, but also educational significance. Young people try to be role models in their activities.