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Dear colleagues!


Due to the organization of the main e-mail domain and based on the Service Letter № 101-04-06-11/201 dated 05.05.2021 with permission to transfer all existing email accounts under a single domain, Informatization Department of Education notifies you of the following.


1.The existing old email domains and are being transferred to the domain All new mail on these domains will be automatically forwarded to the new domain without a copy being left on the old domain so you will receive all new mail from this account on the mail


2.At new mail all old logins remain, but those who used mail, it is necessary to receive new passwords in a study 428 main educational building (tel.: 291-87-16).

3.If the new mail will not go to the Inbox folder, but to the Junk folder, enter this folder, open the letter and on the right top of the letter click on the confirmation that the letter can be trusted. All other emails will then go to your Inbox.



Department of Education Informatisation




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