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Round table «Tragic years of the Kazakh people»


On May 31, the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions and Famines, the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Abai KazNPU is planning a round table on the theme: «Tragic years of the Kazakh people», dedicated to the memory of victims of political repressions and famines. The honored guests of the round table are the deputy chairman of the historical-educational society «Adilet» Alashtanushy Beybit Koishybay, political scientist Talgat Zhanysbay and film director Erkin Rakishev.


The purpose of the round table is to acquaint people with the tragedies of our history and the works of those who died on the way to independence.


The round table will take place on May 29 at 15:00 Almaty time on the Zoom online platform.



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