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Dear applicants and their parents!


We would like to remind you that the application process is available both online and offline. Also, during the admission campaign the Virtual Admissions Offices for Bachelor`s, Master`s and Doctoral Studies are in operation. In parallel, all relevant information is posted on the official website of the University and official social network pages. For online application there are links:


It should be noted that there are 50 technical secretaries in the Admissions Committee. There are 4-5 people from each institute. All of them were trained to work with applicants and the requirements for the documents submitted by students.


Your safety and the safety of our staff are of paramount importance to our institution. We strictly adhere to health and safety requirements, primarily the availability of protective equipment and maintaining proper distance. Entrance to the admissions office is through the ashik system only, regardless of whether it is the applicant him/herself, his/her parent or another accompanying person. This is a security requirement.


Regarding the acceptance of documents. We accept documents solely on the basis of a set list, with which each applicant is familiarized. All conditions have been created for applicants this year so that they can submit their documents online. This is a more convenient and undoubtedly safer method.


We encourage applicants to prepare their documents in advance and recommend submitting them online. Moreover, we have virtual admission committees and information on how to apply online is publicly available.


Virtual Admissions Office

Virtual Admissions Office for Master`s and Doctoral Studies


We`re sorry to say that the pandemic is making the application process very difficult, but we really want to welcome you to our university. We hope to see you among the students of Abai KazNPU this fall. Thank you for your understanding. This is the basis for building a good relationship in the future.



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