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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position

Vacant position:

Technical Support Engineer

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- Repair and adjustment of computer equipment;

- Technical support of events online / offline;

- Uninterrupted maintenance of the work of the org. equipment and its transfer for repair;

- Preparation of technical specifications for equipment and necessary components;

- Maintenance of users` work with software installed in workstations.

Main job responsibilities:

- during the academic year, carrying out routine maintenance in accordance with the operating instructions and the work plan of the department;

- ensuring the maintenance of documentation for the equipment received;

- write-off of out-of-order equipment, materials and spare parts for it;

- determination of the technical need for materials required for preventive and routine maintenance;

- knowledge of the basics of safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection;

- implementation of connection and control of technical equipment in all-institutional events;

- performance of work on connecting equipment in conference rooms according to service notes;

- support for the policy of informing the University management about potential or existing violations of the anti-corruption policy, the policy of resolving conflicts of interest and the requirements of other internal regulations of the University on anti-corruption;

- performance of work on setting up and adjusting projection equipment;

- participation in the restoration of the efficiency of projection equipment in case of failures and equipment failure;

- participation in the acceptance of the ITS, received after service maintenance by other organizations, as well as in the acceptance and development of newly commissioned equipment;

- participation in planning work, formation of the list and volume of consumables and components required for service and maintenance of ITS;

- performance of work on keeping records of the quantitative composition and qualitative state of the ITS, taken for service and maintenance in its area of ​​work, and submitting reporting information to the head.

Departure on business trips:

Not necessary


Higher technical

Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

1 year

Professional competencies:

Knowledge of hardware, software, software installation and configuration, remote computer troubleshooting, office programs, maintenance, data recovery.

Personal competencies and qualities:

Responsibility, punctuality, decency, striving for new knowledge

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

Kazakh, Russian.

Computer skills:

Good command of MS Office (Excel, Power Point, Word), work with e-mail (Outlook Express).

CV submission deadline:

December 10, 2021

The contact person:

Send your resume to:

Shapiev Japar Erkinovich, Work phone: 2939302, mobile phone: +77072776667




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