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Specialist required in: (Office) Documents Management and Control Department


- Reception of documents, initial processing, preliminary review, registration, sending documents to structural units, recording, storage and mailing of documents;
- Ensures the reduction of document flow at the university;
- ensure timely receipt, registration (according to the list of registered correspondence) and review of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
- control over the timing of execution by the structural divisions of the instructions of the university management;
- Control the accuracy and design of the documents, the quality of the preparation of documents submitted for signature by the University administration;
- control over outgoing correspondence and organisation of control over the receipt of this document at the place of destination;
- Control over the execution of the documents of the higher authorities in accordance to the internal decision of the University administration;
- operative registration of copies of information and management, normative and methodical documents and organisation of timely distribution of the documents to all structural subdivisions of the University;
- work in the Documentolog system;
- receiving incoming correspondence by official email and telefax, document recording and registration;
- ensuring the exchange of information through the official university email address with external organisations;
- control over correctness of execution and formation of cases in the structural subdivisions, organise examination of the value of documents for the purpose of their selection for storage and destruction;
- Carrying out control for the forms of strict accounting, storage, and also at spoilage of the form to write off and destroy in accordance with established order.


Requirement for the candidate:
- Knowledge of Kazakh language;
- Knowledge of basics of paperwork;
- Good language;
- Knowledge of the program Documentolog.


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