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About holding a competition for filling vacant positions of professor-researcher at Abai KazNPU


The Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University (hereinafter referred to as the Abai KazNPU) announces a competition to fill the vacant positions of a research professor for a full staff unit for teaching and research activities.


An application for participation in the competition includes: an application for participation in the competition, a resume, an application for a research project, a portfolio with documentation confirming the above requirements for candidates (screenshots from citation bases, copies of publications in foreign publications, etc.), documents, confirming the receipt of an academic degree, PhD degree, the assignment of an academic title, a list of scientific papers and inventions, additional documents confirming the applicant`s qualifications, including letters of recommendation, characteristics from previous places of work.


Competitive applications are submitted to the Department of Science of Abai KazNPU at the address: 30Kazybek bi, office. No. 209, 203-a, Almaty, until December 24, 2021. Responsible person: Director of the Department of Science Abdigapbarova U.M.




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