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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position


Vacancy is closed


Vacant position:

Head of UNESCO Chair

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Provides advocacy for education for sustainable development and global citizenship; promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to faculty and staff; acts as a think tank and liaison between the academic world, civil society, local communities to disseminate knowledge and practices in an area that is a priority for both the institution and UNESCO.

Main job responsibilities:

The Head of the Chair shall perform the following duties:

1) Carries out the day-to-day management of the UNESCO Chair and is responsible for its results.

2) is responsible for the development of the UNESCO Chair work plan and its implementation in accordance with the NJSC "AbaiUniversity" Development Strategy for 2022-2025.

3) develops the Action Plan for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and monitors the implementation of the Plan;

4) conducts research in accordance with the research strategies of different sectors of UNESCO.

5) Carries out research work in accordance with the specialization of the chair in the framework of SDGs, ensures implementation of the results obtained in various areas of the university.

6) Participates in competitions of scientific foundations and organizations for granting funding for research work.

7) carries out scientific, scientific-methodical and scientific-practical seminars and other similar actions on themes of education for sustainable development (ESD), global citizenship, gender researches and other issues of UNESCO agenda.

8) submit annual report on the results of the Chair`s activities to UNESCO and the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO.

9) Is a member of National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO and participates at meetings and forums of the National Commission.

10) Supervises observance by employees of the chair of rules of labor protection and safety engineering, industrial sanitary and fire safety.

Business trip:



Higher education, socio-humanitarian, pedagogical

Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

The position of the Head of the Department shall be held by a person with higher education, doctoral or candidate`s degree, at least five years of work experience in managerial positions in educational organizations

Professional competencies:

Knowledge of the education system, international conventions, SDGs, UNESCO principles, intercultural competence and communication skills

Personal competencies and qualities:

Creativity, initiative, service-oriented, attentive, self-motivated and quick learner, ability to work in a team and independently; good organisational skills (planning and implementation); ability to work outside working hours; ability to work friendly and effectively with colleagues and trainees.

High efficiency and ability to work on tight deadlines.

Understanding of importance of communication skills and interaction, discipline

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

Fluency in Kazakh Russian, English at least B1

Computer skills:

Advanced PC user;

CV submission deadline:

Until 10 January 2022

The contact person:

Yerkebulan Baymukhambetov







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