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Application for the selection of a candidate for a vacant position


Vacant position:

 Accountant (Material liability)

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- Accounting and reporting, obligations and business transactions;

- Development of forms of primary accounting documentation based on standards;

- Formation of complete and reliable information about the economic processes and financial results of the university;

- Control over the availability and movement of property, the use of material, labor, financial resources in accordance with approved norms, standards and estimates;

- Calculation of salaries to employees, withholding of Mandatory pension contributions and income tax with their corresponding transfer;

- Calculation and transfer of taxes to the republican and local budgets and preparation of a tax return.

Main job responsibilities:

- Organization of the procedure for registration of primary accounting documents;

- Organization of commodity accounting, control of all types of movement of goods, write-off and posting of inventories;

- Control of the formation and timely issuance of EI (electronic invoices) within the framework of the requirements of the Tax Code;

- Conducting settlements with suppliers and buyers;

Reconciliation of settlements with suppliers;

- Interaction with employees of the warehouse for the accounting of inventory items;

- Participation in carrying out inventories; Performing accounting work in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation in terms of accounting for materials owned by the organization, posting materials, calculating the actual cost of materials, etc.;

- Reflection on the accounts of accounting, operations for the accounting of materials.

Business trip:



Higher economic education

Required professional experience (duration, scope, other)

At least 1 year in the specialty

Professional competencies:

Diligence, purposefulness and the ability to bear responsibility for decisions made.

Personal competencies and qualities:

1. Development of solutions, ability to work with information, achievement of goals; self-regulation and endurance.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must speak)

Kazakh, Russian

Computer skills:

Knowledge of programs "1C: Enterprise";

Knowledge of accounting systems SONO, Taxpayer`s Cabinet;

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook;

CV submission deadline:


The contact person:

Fariza Kaltaeva (8727) 2-91-90-12 +77018336223






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