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Excursions of students to the museums of Almaty continue


The state programme «Bolashakka baghdar: rukhani zhangyru» stresses the importance of the concept of national sacred places.


In this direction, Abai KazNPU, on the basis of this program implements a lot of cognitive-educational projects for the spiritual and moral education of youth.


On the eve of 150th anniversary of the Great Teacher of the nation Akhmet Baitursynov, 110th anniversary of statesman and public figure Dinmukhamed Kunayev, project office of «Rukhani zhangyru» university organized a traditional week «Journey to museums of Almaty» in order to strengthen the cultural potential of students, to acquaint them with history, cultural and spiritual values of our beautiful city of Almaty. The aim - to acquaint students from remote villages and regions with the rich history, valuable culture and noble spirituality of the largest city of the country, which was the capital for many years.


From 21 to 28 February 2022 within the framework of this action the bachelors of seven institutes of Abai KazNPU will be able to experience the centuries-old history and culture of Almaty, which has been preserved by our museums. During certain time (11.00-17.00), taking into account quarantine requirements, students will have an opportunity to visit the memorial house of A. Baitursynov, the memorial house of D. Kunayev and expositions of the Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykylaslas. The students have a 50% discount for visiting these sites.


We express gratitude to the leadership of the n Almaty Department of Culture of the Akimat of Almaty for their great contribution to the spiritual-patriotic education of our youth in the framework of the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation concluded with the administration of the university!





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