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Educational loans - a guarantee for a successful future!


As you know, educational grants are awarded on the basis of a competition based on the results of the UNT/CTA. Obviously, not all graduates will be able to receive them. This means that most students will have to pay for their studies.



In order to expand the availability of education in colleges and universities of Kazakhstan, since 2005, applicants and students can obtain unsecured student loans with a grace period of up to 10 years for repayment of the principal. The loans are secured by a guarantee from the Financial Centre under the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.


The guarantee is the legal liability of the organisation to the bank for the performance of the borrower`s obligations under the loan agreement to the extent of the guarantee specified in the procedure and on the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement.



- grace period (deferral): repayment of the principal is due on maturity and 6 months after graduation;

- high period of the loan: up to 10 years with possibility of early repayment without any penalties

- availability of the loan all over Kazakhstan;

- absence of restrictions on the loan amount (not more than the cost of education);

- No restrictions on the choice of educational institution.


Participating bank:

To date, JSC Nurbank participates in the education loan guarantee system.

At the moment 7275 guarantees to the amount of 1.9 billion tenge have been issued.


The steps to be taken are:

1) the applicant/student applies to the bank or Financial Centre for advice, collects the necessary documents and submits them to the bank in his/her region or place of study;

2) after a positive decision from the bank and Finance Centre, a loan agreement is signed with the bank and the loan amount is transferred to the account of the educational institution.


To get a student loan you need one/two co-borrowers with income from your main place of work and pension contributions for the last 6 months.


You can also view information on the educational loan in a convenient format on the one-page website


Participating banks:

At the moment, educational loans guaranteed by JSC Finanscenter are provided by Nurbank, Sberbank (for existing loans)


Partner banks


% p.a.

From 20%

Loan amount, in KZT

From 150 000 to 5 000 000

Loan term

Up to 10 years


Collateral is not required / If the borrower has no income, a co-borrower is required

Form of training

Bachelors Degree

Grace period for repayment

During training and within 6 months after graduation it is possible to pay only interests, without repayment of principal debt 

General requirements

Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, permanent or temporary residence registration (residence permit) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, enrollment or training in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Academic progress requirements

- a minimum score of 70 on the results of the UNT/CT;

- at least 1.33 GPA or 3.5 on a five-point scale for the current examination session






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