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Information on the admission of documents for National Qualification Testing

National Qualification Testing (hereinafter - NQT) is a procedure conducted in order to determine the level of professional competence of a teacher on the tests developed by the authorised body in the field of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first stage of attestation is the NQT. In order to pass it, a teacher applies to the National Testing Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - NTC) or the organization, designated by it. When applying for NCT, teachers choose the language (Kazakh, Russian), date and time.

The operator of the NTC is the NTC or an organisation defined by it. NCT shall be conducted in electronic format.


The application form submitted by a teacher to take the test enters into the database of NTC or an organisation defined by it. NTC or that organisation sends a test pass to the teacher`s personal account.


The certification for teachers shall include the following stages:
1) NCT;
2) an essay;
3) qualification assessment;
4) comprehensive analytical summary of the results of activities;
for heads of educational organizations and methodical offices (centres):

1) NCT;

2) qualification assessment;

3) complex analytical generalization of results of activities;

4) interview at the meeting of the Commission with presentation of the results of activities (in case of discrepancy between the self-assessment assessment and the assessment of the Commission).

Teachers shall undergo NQT:

- 1 (once) per calendar year - free of charge;

- repeatedly 1 (one) time on a fee basis during the calendar year;

- teachers applying for an early certification, 1 (once) time during a calendar year - free of charge;

- trial (at the request of a teacher) - on a paid basis during a calendar year;

candidates with no work experience, who have technical and professional, higher and/or postgraduate education in pedagogical (speciality) areas:
- 1 time during the calendar year - free of charge;
- heads of educational organizations, and methodical rooms (centres): 1 (once) per calendar year - free of charge
- repeatedly 1 (one) time on a paid basis during a calendar year; trial (at will) - on a paid basis during a calendar year.

The time for taking the NCT is:
- for subjects «Mathematics», «Physics», «Chemistry», «Informatics» - 4 hours (240 minutes);
- For «Preschool education» and «Additional education» - 2 hours (120 minutes)
- other teachers - 3 hours 30 minutes (two hundred and ten minutes).


Detailed information about the NTC



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