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Dear students!

In connection with the letter of the Vice-Minister of Education and Science K.Yergaliev № 4-14-2/1549-I from 18.04.2022 Mid-term and final attestations in Abai KazNPU are organized in a traditional format. Despite the transition to the traditional format, digital devices and technologies are used in the monitoring and evaluation process. This year, based on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, students take exams in a test form in the classroom with a device of their choice (a smartphone or laptop) fixed in the university`s examination schedule. The author of the project idea is Associate Professor D.N. Isabayeva. In addition, computer labs on duty are prepared for students with low technical abilities.

The university also uses written forms of control to develop students` critical thinking, especially in the form of open book exam, which accounts for 30% of humanities students. In addition, the closed book exam is conducted using the Oqylyq distance learning system, which is accompanied by a proctoring system and an anti-plagiarism programme. The other part is practical and project examinations. The student chooses a project title using digital devices and conducts the defence day in the university auditorium.




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