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National ranking of the best universities of Kazakhstan


One of the important tasks set in the State Program for the Development of Education of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 is the inclusion of at least two universities in world rankings. Kazakhstani higher educational institutions actively participate in global rankings, the most successful results they have in the QS rating. Two domestic universities in 2017 entered the top 400 most successful universities in the world according to the UK QS Agency.


According to the data of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, the National (General) rating-2018 of the best universities in Kazakhstan was drawn up, based on the analysis of academic statistics, expert evaluation and interviewing of employers.


The methodology for calculating the institutional rating is based on three components: The first component (Questionnaire No. 1) is an assessment of the quality of the academic resources of the university, which is given 70% of the total number of points; the second component (Questionnaire No. 2) is an expert assessment of the quality of the activities of HEIs (15%); the third component (Questionnaire No. 3) is an assessment of the activity of higher education institutions on the basis of a sociological survey of employers and state bodies (15%).


Questionnaire No. 1 - a questionnaire that includes 70 weight percent (the maximum score that a university can get is 700 points); it reflects the academic activity of the university. HEIs represent the source data to the agency, which are rechecked by various methods; some of the information is requested by the IQAA from sources other than the university.


Questionnaire No. 2 - a questionnaire that represents a weighted average reputational assessment of HEIs by experts, includes 15 weight percent (150 points - the maximum score that a university can gain). The expert pool is determined by the Agency.


Questionnaire No. 3 - a questionnaire of employers, which determines the prestige of the university among employers, including state and regional bodies, it is reputational. This is 15 weight percent (150 points - the maximum score that a university can gain).


This year, the universities of the multi-sectoral, technical, humanitarian, economic, medical and pedagogical areas, as well as arts, have taken part in the National rating of universities of Kazakhstan-2018, totaling 60 universities.


National (General) rating of pedagogical universities of Kazakhstan


Name of university

Total results, weight %


Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University



Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute



Taraz State Pedagogical Institute



South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University




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