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Grant for an internship in the laboratory of the USA

Research and Education Foundation of  Academician Shakhmardan Yessenov announces new tender for the TEN grants to 2, 3 years  cource students of technical and natural science majors enrolled in Kazakh universities and who are nationals of the Republic of Kazakhstan to undergo scientific training in the laboratories of the United States.

• Student  2, 3 years cources of the  Kazakh university;
• Your specialization - natural-scientific, technical, or pertaining to Nutrition / Food Studies and Public Health;
• You dream to enter the PhD program at leading foreign universities;
• Do you have any research projects and specific achievements in this area;
• You want to study science and be able to prove it;
• Do you have a great desire to work and develop science in Kazakhstan;
You have a chance to:
• Expert support and assistance from scientists from Kazakhstan, operating in the United States;
• appropriate training for admission;
• To act on one of the selected for the internship program;
• To receive a grant, and go for an internship in the United States for the summer 2016;
To do this:
till 11.20.2015:

• Fill out the application form for participation in the program (application);
• Submit the following documents to us:
- A copy of the identity card;
- A copy of the record book (all sessions);
- A copy of the certificate of secondary education, the insert;
- Copies of diplomas, certificates, contests of scientific works;
- An essay on the topic "I need a PhD for ...";
- Recommendation vice-rector or rector of the university;

Application with all the package of documents must be sent to the office of the Fund:
050040 Almaty, Medeu district, Al-Farabi Avenue 36, the complex of buildings «AFD», Block B, 4th Floor
+ 7 727 349 40 04, + 7 727 349 40 05,

Regulations 2016 summer internship program

Call the following contacts and make sure that your application has been received:
Tel .: + 7 727 349 40 04, + 7 727 349 40 05
and 12.30.2015, the wait for the results of the first stage of selection.


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