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Submissions for the 9th Innovation in Education Competition started


The call for applications for the 9th Competition for Innovation in Education (CIE) started on 9 September 2022. Its main organizer is the Institute of Education of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia).


The competition is organized by the HSE University`s Institute of Education. As the previous one, the Competition of Innovations in Education (KIVO) is of an international standing. In addition to the Russian track, «KIVO-Kazakhstan» as well as the first ever «KIVO-Armenia» and «KIVO-Georgia» are announced. Online applications are accepted till October 2022. The absolute winner receives an educational grant, the winners in the nominations receive prizes from partners.


KIVO was created in HSE in 2014 and today it is an integral part of university`s strategic project «Dissemination of innovations in education through realization of the international innovations competition for 2022-2024». Individual innovative projects (grassroots innovation), which are identified due to the competition, are considered as an additional potential for modernization and transformation of education in the project`s roadmap.


The competition`s main idea is to identify promising grassroots educational projects, elaborated by individuals or in a team of up to 6 persons, choose the best ones and give them a start. Projects can be dedicated to different levels of education and be at different stages - from an idea to an operating as a business. Participants are teachers and university faculty, administrators from academia, students and pupils, their parents, people from business world, including entrepreneurs, etc.


From 2014 to 2021, 4,682 applications from 21 countries and 157 cities were submitted for the Competition of Innovations in Education. In particular, 518 applications were received last year, including 27 from Kazakhstan, and two projects were recognized as winners: WM Product from Moscow - a service for adapting educational websites and applications for blind and visually impaired people, QPSy from Kazakhstan - a platform for anonymous and free psychological consultations for school pupils.


This year, 11 nominations are presented at the competition, the list was determined by following the global trends during consultations with the KIVO participants from previous years. When submitting an application, the authors of the project can choose one or two topics from the list.


Competition of Innovations in Education nominations 2022

1. «New Methods» - projects offering new methods, educational approaches and formats.

2. «New skills, competencies and literacy» - projects developing new competencies (soft skills, financial, digital literacy, etc.)

3. «Educator» - projects supporting and developing an educator, mentor, creating ecosystems around and for the educator, simplifying the educator`s life, etc.

4. «Digital transformation» - projects creating new digital solutions (tools, aggregator platforms, etc.)

5. «Lessons of the pandemic» - projects strengthening and converting the positive effects of school development, as well as to compensating for the negative consequences.

6. Well-being - projects supporting the health and psychological well-being of all participants in the educational process.

7. «Family education laboratory» - projects focused on supporting and developing the new role of the family in education, as well as the interaction of different generations.

8. «Education for everyone» - projects aimed at improving the accessibility of the quality of education for groups with special needs (including representatives of the silver age), personalization of the learning process.

9. «Community power» - projects developing educational initiatives for local communities and attracting communities for the development of education, as well as P2P and mentoring.

10. «Popularization in education» - educational cultural initiatives, promotion and positioning of projects and ideas in the educational environment, media in education.

11. «Environment for innovation» - initiatives stimulating and managing innovations (organizational as well), new research in education, new approaches to scaling innovation.


All applications submitted for the competition in 2022 will pass an independent double examination: they will be reviewed by more than 100 experts from education and business, with feedback to the teams. Based on the results of the examination, semi-finalists will be determined and invited to HSE for the autumn school - an educational intensive and at the same time an accelerator, where they will present their projects to the competition partners, experts from education and business within a few days. As a rule, only a few participants are eliminated in the semifinals. The absolute winner will be chosen from the remaining teams based on the results of the final stage in November.


KIVO partners are the «Prosvesheniye» publishing house, the Center for Promoting Innovation in Education, the Sberbank Charitable Foundation «Contribution to the Future», the Rybakov Foundation, etc.


The partner in Kazakhstan is Abai University, in Armenia - the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences.




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