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Application for election of a candidate for the vacant position


Name of the vacant position

Videographer of the Public Relations Department

Main job duties:

1) take part in all events held by the Company;

2) perform non-linear editing of video material;

3) before leaving for the shooting, check the serviceability and operability of

3) to control operability and operability of the equipment (RAKA80№С 160 AUSSAM camera, microphone, batteries)

4) to travel to filming and prepare video materials;

5) to conduct video shooting on the television studio`s camera;

6) control the quality of recording during filming;

7) ensure the safety of the archive of video material in the working computer memory and on the hard disk in the television studio;

88) upon returning from filming, to inform the management, video editor about the quantity and quality of the footage

9) take measures to ensure the regularity of their work, timely notify the head of the department and the technical service about the failure of the equipment under their control.

Travel on business trips:



special technical education. Experience in the relevant position is preferred.


Required professional experience (duration, field, other)

At least 2 years experience in a relevant functional area

Professional competences:

- Know basics of video editing;

- Know how to use various video equipment;

- know how to work competently with colour, light and composition in the frame;

- creative process and technology of content creation and video editing, basics of computer graphics, animation and special effects

- technical means of video editing and principles of their work.

Personal competences and qualities:

Communicative skills, conscientiousness, proactive attitude to life, stress resistance, creativity, organizational skills, punctuality, easy to learn, neatness.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language

Kazakh - fluent

Russian - fluent

Deadline for resumes:

October 04, 2022






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